Control Union inspect a wide range of commodities and products such as coal, grains, oilseeds, vegetable oils, byproducts, sugar, fertilizers, fruit, and vegetables.
We've been doing this for the past 100 years and have an excellent track record acting as a trusted, independent, third-party surveyor in quality inspection. We act as your boots on the ground, representing your needs where they matter most, close to the product. 

Quantity inspections, quality determinations and verifications are also part of our services as well as Pre-Shipment Inspections (PSI), load supervisions, warehouse inspections and much more.

Quality assurance is a priority to us. To ensure quality throughout the supply chain we participate in many quality assurance programmes such as the ISO and EN standardization committees and our company includes superintendent members of GAFTA & FOSFA. Furthermore, we take part in international branch organizations such as the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) and the Sugar Association's RSA/SAL.
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