Quality politics

In the permanent search to improve the service and satisfaction of its clients, Control Union Argentina S.A. (CUA S.A.) considers it essential to maintain the QMS implemented at all levels of the company.
For this, we promote the effective constitution of the system, providing the necessary resources to ensure that the requirements applicable to it can be met in the best possible way.

We understand that currently and in the near future, given the overwhelming supply of information on the market, what will differentiate one service company from another will be the excellence of the execution of the service. This differentiation will be intimately linked to the quality of the procedures involved or implied in its execution.

We believe that honesty, integrity and respect for people are fundamental, as well as openness, teamwork, professionalism and pride in work. As members of the Peterson Control Union group, we insist on these values ​​and expect the same in our relationships with those with whom we do business.

In the knowledge, then, of the enormous value of the people who make up the organization as a key factor in it, is that we promote their well-being and frank growth, without omitting in any way, the human, physical and intellectual aspect of all those who make up CUA S.A.

All the documents used for this system must be dynamic and continually reviewed to ensure that its operation generates continuous and permanent improvements, thus ensuring a process of continuous improvement of the QMS.

The basis of the policy is to ensure that customer expectations are fulfilled. To do this, we establish the specifications of the services, detailing the commitments and asking customers to evaluate their quality.

The Code of Conduct and the Business Terms and Conditions apply to all group companies. Other terms and conditions apply for certifications, inspections, warranty management services and specific services such as pest control and projects. Terms and conditions must be disclosed to customers before starting a business.

No person from CUA S.A. You are allowed to change or adapt the results of inspections or certifications in order to benefit an interested party. In the event that an employee of CUA S.A. feel such pressure, you are requested to report it immediately to your manager, who will take steps to safeguard the employee against such pressure.

The Board of Directors makes available all the necessary resources for the proper implementation, maintenance and operation of the QMS together with the health, safety, environment and quality systems. It is important that employees are involved in the systems and become familiar with them through regular training. All employees are encouraged to use the systems for a continuous improvement process.

Main items of our policy:
  • We are independent, responsible, honest and sincere; We uphold impartiality and integrity.
  • We are people, therefore we value health, safety, skills, training, adequate compensation, good work environment, challenges and fun;
  • We target specific clients and markets to be specialists and create added value;
  • We value entrepreneurship, efficiency and experience in services and commodities;
  • We carry out proper risk assessments and limit our liability to remain in business;
  • We are a group and we must be team players;
  • We limit bureaucracy as much as possible;
  • We are committed to sustainability;
  • We continue to develop, innovate and specialize.

Felix Lacroze
Director CUA SA

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