URSA (Understanding Responsible Sourcing Audit) enables an independent assessment of a supplier’s compliance against all applicable laws, regulations and the additional requirements of Unilever's Responsible Sourcing Policy. Unilever has appointed Control Union as one of the preferred auditing companies to conduct responsible sourcing audits.

URSA goes beyond industry accepted protocols and assesses supplier practices in labour standards, health and safety, human rights, business integrity, environmental management and land tenure rights. Undergoing an URSA audit is necessary to meet Unilever’s requirements for compliance and to climb the responsible sourcing ladder to achieve the Good Practice Benchmark. As a Unilever supplier, to start the URSA audit process, you need to complete site registration in the USQS (Unilever Supplier Qualification System). Having made the audit request, you will be able to prepare for the on-site audit. Audit reporting is based on a checklist presented to you by Unilever.

How you benefit?
Control Union is one of Unilever's preferred auditing companies for conducting responsible sourcing audits of its suppliers. Along with our qualified audit team, Control Union will perform audits and inspections of farms, farmer groups, manufacturing units, processors, traders, exporters and logistic units according to the Unilever responsible sourcing guidelines.

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