Control Union is a global service provider for the soya industry and is officially approved by the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association (RTRS). We perform verification services across the full supply chain, from the soya plantation to the final consumers across the globe.

The RTRS – an international and market-orientated organisation – has developed schemes which contain a set of principles, criteria and indicators.

These are related to the plantation and control of certified soy and its by-products and are applicable globally to promote responsible soy.

Promotion of the organisation is achieved through the commitment of those involved in its soy's production, processing and trade.

How you benefit?
Benefits include greater farm management efficiency, protection of soils, better water management, increased employee motivation and improved relations with neighbours and communities. Furthermore, RTRS certification results in improved internal management through monitoring, which enables timely comparisons.

It encourages decision making and supports the use of more information and monitoring or management tools. Economic benefits are generated through improved efficiencies in tasks, the production system and the use of agricultural pesticides.

External benefits include improved conditions when applying for bank loans and compliance with international standards. These benefits bring assurances to existing markets and promote the development of new ones seeking RTRS soy.

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